Ital Bank, new PR bank?


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Hi everyone

I’ve stumbled across a new bank (to me) and wondered if anyone here had any experience of this bank.

It’s located in Puerto Rico so maybe an option for some.... I cant see from there website if they do remote account opening.


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This information WHOIS, DNS, & Domain Info - DomainTools is disturbing me. I'm not aware of if that is how they operate in Italy but something is not looking good.

Beside that, all the banks in Italy have huge economical problems the entire country has problems so I would not bank there even if they opened bank accounts for the adult industry.
italbanc is a huge bank in venezuela part of italcambio, they are very serious group, the owner is italian that s why is name italbanc


Italbank is a small bank in PR, they have been working for a long time and they stopped working with Venezuela’s government because they didn’t want to be tied with money laundering but I don’t if they are now working with them again.

I don’t know how serious are they but believe me, you don’t want to have money in a bank tied with that government because your money will be in risk at some point, an example of this is what happened with the BOD group at the end of last year with Banco Del Orinoco and Allbank, both tied to the Venezuelan group and both were closed at the end of the year by both countries’ governments (I had money there).

I’m not saying that italbank is a bad bank (maybe I’ll give a try at some moment), I’m just saying be aware of banks tied with Venezuela’s government


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Italbank ... looks like Maduro's Bankers but as the guys before me already mentioned they are indeed big players in Venezuela and it looks like Italbank is just an offshore bank of Italcambio financial group (if we assume nobody stole identity of real Italcambio owners). BTW there are plenty of articles on the internet about italcambio & italbank guys and their operations across the globe :)). I am not sure if it is safe to have deposit with them taking in consideration current geopol. situation in Venezuela, etc. What I cannot understand is that they have such a sh*t looking website at least they could throw some money for a nice legit look - nowadys nobody is trying to look sharp & professional anymore


What I cannot understand is that they have such a sh*t looking website at least they could throw some money for a nice legit look
THIS hahaha, I always look how well made is the site when searching for an offshore bank but I can't understand how lot of banks just have shitty websites. Maybe is because I'm a web developer but every time a see a poor website I lost almost all the confidence I could have in the business.

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