JPay.Com anyone know them? Was looking on google because of JPay here on the forum?!

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JPAY Does anyone know the company JPay Inmate Services - Send Money, Send Email, Send Packages they look pretty much like a SCAM and I never heard of them, however exploring Google about the hits coming in there I found something interesting.

They are government owned or something NDOC:*JPay

At least I see

Send Money to Inmates Fast and Easy

Use a credit/debit card to send money to an Inmate's Trust Fund Account online at or over the phone at 1 (800) 574-5729. The Inmate's account will be credited within 24 hours, not including weekends and banking holidays.
Are they processing some kind of money or payments only for prisoners? :D

Never seen something so fun like this... but great idea, maybe all the fraudsters like CTOPAY.HK / IPAYDNA / PAYSYSTEMS and the list is long should make a similar service, I guess they wouldn't survive for long if they mess around with such peoples......

Cool service; keep on the good work JPay.

Btw. is Jpay from this forum associated with this company?:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:


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Btw. is Jpay from this forum associated with this company?
lol - no I'm not an affiliate with, would be nice to own that company, indeed a cool service they have, nice clients tooo, don't mess around with BennyG there he will kick your a.. :D :D

James Spader

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The company has been around for a while now I believe they are legit and maybe even government owned, not sure, maybe someone will want to contact them for more details!


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My experience with JPAY - They ROCK!

Hi everyone, just wanted to clear up any misunderstandings regarding JPay. I have been using them for the last 6 years and absolutely love them. Basically they provide services to prisons such as inmate money transfers and video visitations/email. This allows friends and family members to send money to their inmates and talk to them with video calls and emails using kiosks placed in the prisons. They are 100% LEGIT and I think the largest and most trusted company doing this. Before using JPay I would have to send money orders to my wife in prison which would take almost two weeks, with JPay it gets there in 1 day! Oh, and they are definitely not government owned, they just work with most of the prisons in the country!

Hope this helps,

Michael Belgione


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Welcome aboard miami2gether, thanks for clarification, sounds like a really great system this JPay, how comes they are not used by so many others than inmates? Have never hear of a payment service provider who target this niche and also is offering Video calls and all this additional services, sounds really good. Do you know if they also offer their service for selling of e-books and regular business?


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Have been around for 6 years and no one has ever heard of them, strange... searching on google for payment service provider and sucha like will also not pull them up.... they must be a niche processor only for prisoners, anyway cool project.


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never heard about them before now, looks like a pretty stable solution if they will accept other business.


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old thread I know, sorry to reopen!! but does someone know if they accept regular merchant business or are they specialized for inmates only?


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They are 100% LEGIT and I think the largest and most trusted company doing this.
Agree with this statement!

I have been using Jpay sine 10 years for my husband that is an inmate and is depending on that I can send money this way!


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I can't believe this thread is 10 years old :D Some mebers around here have been here for the very beginning that's awesome.

Jpay is for prisoners as far as I understand, so is there anyone here that is using them or have used them in the past?


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I have been visiting this website to have a better understanding what is about!

Indeed it is for inmates in the US prisons, but it looks like a very professional EMI as well.


I believe it must be government owned at some point.

At JPay, we realize the corrections process can be challenging, whether you are dealing with the absence of an incarcerated friend or family member or feeling the pressure of making your next restitution or supervision payment. By providing convenient, relevant services and building strong customer relationships, we hope we can make this process both easier and faster.

But not sure if that is really the case.

Does someone had luck to use them for money transfers?


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They are for prisoners that need to receive money for goods and stuff like this. I don't think anyone that has a business and is not an inmate will be able to use this operation at all. Who know's some around here may have used them because of their circumstances :D


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Is there any update on why they are around and what they do in order to only be available for prisoners ?


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I assume if you have someone that is in jail it may be of interest for that someone. Other, I can't see what the point is.

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