Just made my 30,000 euro investment in bitcoin, good or bad?

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  1. moneymaster

    moneymaster Member Entrepreneur

    For a year I have been watching the market of crypto currency and for a year I have asked myself each day, should I, should I not! - today I took a decision and made an 30K euro investment into bitcoins.

    I have put the coins on my Ledger Nanon S which I (so happy to have read the thread) read about on the forum. Before I learned about the ledger wallet I thought to open a blockchain.info account but the ledger solution seems for me to be a better option.

    Please cross your fingers for me that I will have double my investment at the end of 2018 thu&¤#
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  2. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Active Member Entrepreneur

    Its a great time to get in congrats. I got out at $13k but perhaps will get in if I see improvements in the viability of Bitcoin long term.

    However, EU regulation and removing of anonymity will affect the price if this trend is followed globally. With no regulation or interference bitcoin will reach $20k+ eventually. However with removal of anonymity, regulation, taxation of holders expect massive dumping by investors. A regulated non-anonymous Bitcoin is not interesting to those that manipulate the PRICE and if people aren't seeing large and rapid price movements upwards they will move to another coin quickly that offers it.

    Bitcoin to come under EU regulation as Brussels plots to kill cryptocurrency anonymity

    In Europe there is no real use case for Bitcoin as its much slower and expensive for payments. SEPA is free for me and instant to move money around. It takes me less than 2 seconds to send and receive Euro payments. Crypto can't match this. I actually did a complete round trip with SEPA in 8 seconds. Asia's love of crypto is more to do with gambling culture and circumventing capital controls.

    I love crypto but have to face the reality that the wild west days of crypto is coming to an end perhaps by Q4 2018. Make your money mate while you can.
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  3. moneymaster

    moneymaster Member Entrepreneur

    So you think it would be better to get out of the crypto market before Q4 2018 ? I agree with what you wrote, but it's a shame if this already stops while it just got started.
  4. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Active Member Entrepreneur

    I would watch regulation very carefully and get ready to jump ship.
  5. Admin

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    You need to follow the market everyday and be prepared to move fast. Otherwise you will have to do long term (very long term) investments and hope it will went out well for you.
  6. franzel

    franzel New Member

    You should def. get yourself some news/update app´s and timers. Since the cryptomarket is under heavy pressure, it might be beneficial to jump out and get in again later.... Like the Admin said, you should have a look at the market daily.

    Overall crypto´s are great and your investment will return (quickly).
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  7. extremedox101

    extremedox101 Member Entrepreneur

    hey i hope u a good luck , i'm also looking to invest but it kinda hard to buy for me (there are many hops ) .
  8. blueweb

    blueweb Corporate Services Business Angel

    any apps or websites you can recommend for noobs and maybe learning users?
  9. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Active Member Entrepreneur

    This is terrible news. These brothers now want to control cryptocurrency state side by setting up an SRO. This is the regulation I am warning about. It moves the control of crypto to a few big players and will eventually price and squeeze out the bedroom developer in favour of big banks. They even want to promote information sharing hence NSA and every other government body knows your habits.

    Winklevoss Twins Have a Plan to Police Cryptocurrency Trading

    To fill the gap, CFTC Republican Commissioner Brian Quintenz has called for cryptocurrency exchanges to form a private regulator or SRO. In a Tuesday statement, he praised the Winklevoss plan.

    The Virtual Commodity Association would be funded by membership fees and would be open to trading venues that cater to U.S. investors. Members would be required to adhere to certain rules related to fiscal responsibility, cybersecurity and information sharing, and would face sanctions if they didn’t comply.
  10. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Active Member Entrepreneur

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  11. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Active Member Entrepreneur

    I am pretty sure we will have a US government ban on US banks transacting with any cryptocurrency related activity. In plain English every international bank and their clients will be forced to stop offering services to anyone involved in crypto related activity overnight.

    We are never more than one Trump Tweet away from bitcoin going to zero :-(

    Bitcoin Is Worthless, Bubble May Pop Soon, Allianz Global Says
  12. franzel

    franzel New Member

    Especially this is bad in my opinion. I would´ve thought a company like google would be more carefull with cryptos.
  13. blueweb

    blueweb Corporate Services Business Angel

    they are all owned by the US or Russian Governments so why do you think that every bad news or roumors only comes from large cooperations with tights to the Financial system?! Google is one big moneymashine that has no interest in supporting crypto at all. Google is owned by the governments they are their bitch they slap if she doesn't do it right!
  14. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Active Member Entrepreneur

    Google own Youtube. If Youtube decide to ban crypto content or content deemed promotion of crypto currency then thats a big problem for its growth.

    TRAPPIST1 New Member

    Going for BTC is what the majority does to make big gains fast it works but not the wisest choice I would say. LTC is a different story because of its low fees compared to BTC google the fees, if you use shapeshift it also gives an interesting perspective. LTC has been gaining a lot of backing lately by major companies. In crypto world thing comes down to do you believe your investment has a future as a currency or not. If you search around on reddit you can find interesting ways you can actually also use crypto in real life.

    The way the market is now you now you have companies that belive in crypto and others that don't. Many tech companies in SV see crypto as a threat because in general blockchain has the potential to create the next big tech companies through decentralized means.

    Failed Internet Currencies: E-Gold, Beenz and Flooz — Steemit