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Keyword Advertising for Mentor Group Gold and Marketplace Seller users!


Dec 29, 2008
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Here at OffshoreCorpTalk, we’ve decided to diversify our advertising solutions to make everyone happy. Whether our current packages don’t suit your needs or you’re looking for a different form of advertising, KEYWORD ADVERTISING is the latest addition to the forum!

How keyword advertising works on OffshoreCorpTalk
If you’re familiar with the PPC concept, our new campaign is similar.

Choose the keywords you’d like highlighted in posts and threads. Each keyword can be linked to your business’ website. It’s visible to everyone and will link users to your website, showing related content.

You can buy a maximum of 100 keywords at a time, but there are no limits regarding the packages. To keep it simple, you can get hundreds of links, but in increments of 100 keywords.
How to setup the keyword for advertising.

Based on the price, your payment depends on how many users click on these links and visit your website. Payment must be made for a minimum of 50 clicks.
Keyword Advertising - The keyword highlighted.

Is it for me?
The new keyword advertising campaign is currently available to Mentor Group Gold and Marketplace Seller users.

If you’re part of these groups, the campaign will bring in even more exposure at affordable rates. If you’re not in any of these groups yet, what are you waiting for?

How to sign up for keyword advertising
The cost-effective keyword advertising campaign is accessible through the main menu. Click to create a new ad campaign and you’ll find a form to complete with all the details.

These being said, we hope our exciting news will give you something to think about and diversify your marketing efforts through a well planned campaign.