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  1. viperia

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    i was looking for a payment gateway for a high risk business. They are the only one who accept my business.
    Someone know them? or have hear somthing about them?

    Thanks for sharing
  2. realcat

    realcat Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Its chinese company. They are not scam, but they are terrible to work with, don't expect anything you have used to with other payment processors. If there is any other option go for that or prepare to be tearing your hair and banging head against the wall :)

    Ow i forgot on top of all that they are extremely expensive.
  3. viperia

    viperia Active Member

    @realcat. Thanks for your quick answer. I have zero experience with any payment processor.
    So what it terrible? I can't imagine the problem we meet.
  4. realcat

    realcat Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Main things to point out is that they will charge customer card a little more than they paid, you will have a lot of chargebacks + very high card decline ratio aout 30% of your customers may not be able to make payment no matter what.
  5. viperia

    viperia Active Member

    OK i see. Do you have a personnal experience with them? Do you know how many % the little more is?
    Have you one another payment processor to advise me? (high risk and Seychelles regisetered)
    Thanks again
  6. Lurence

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    I agree its a last resort. They usually charge card 3-5% more with exchange rate. What high risk business are you in ?
  7. viperia

    viperia Active Member

    I am an IPTV reseller. My business is in Seychelles and it s a startup. It's very hard to find a payment processor.
    They refuse because of Seychelles mostly or, startup,..
    I hesitate to give a try at mistertango. They don't ask anything about my business.. it's very strange. I don't know if i can do my ecommerce with them whitout trouble...
    And IPASSPAY, do you know them? seems to be like king365pay, but woth less fees.
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  8. tonybkt

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    king365 quoted me 4ksetup and 4k year annual fee!
  9. Jupiter

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    I think the fee is ok. Its too hard to find a payment gateway for my high risk business, and king365pay is the only one can accept me.
    I used to use paypal and my account was frozen by them! All my money cannot be withdraw and I cannot use Paypal anymore! Last year I try king365pay and I can receive money normally. Its more expensive than Paypal but it is much safe for my business
  10. negon

    negon hannibal the cannibal Mentor Group Business Angel

    You represent this firm and that's why you think it is ok! You have used PayPal, for what business?
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  11. Jupiter

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    replicas bags like gucci, fendi etc. i use to sell replica watches but recently they said they cannot accept watches anymore and i had to find other payment gateway for my watches website. but can't find till now.