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Liberty Reserve And Perfect Money


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Sep 12, 2009
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A choice is the criterion of the freedom. The wider the choice is the more freedom an individual has. But the ability to make your choice does not mean that you are a mature person. On the contrary it is your decision and its implications that should be taken as an index of your wisdom and sense. But our article is not about philosophical aspects of choice and freedom. We are talking about the world of electronic currencies. Today when there are multiple payment processing services on the Internet the choice becomes rather complicated and it is hard to decide in what direction we should go. That is why we decided to discuss here two relatively large payment processors and present you a comparative analysis of Perfect Money and Liberty Reserve which as we hope will help you to make wise and reasonable decision in the future and thus show how much right is your choice


Perfect Money features:

Simple and intelligible interface:

16 languages support;

FAQ section for reference;

Tour and Help sections for illustration of certain operations;

Tips in the member area;

Stylish and original design:

National pictures peculiar to each of the languages suggested;

Good combination of colors reflecting noble taste and serious approach

Liberty Reserve features:

Simple interface:

English language support;

FAQ section;

Trivial and poor design:

Dull colors and standard pictures

Perfect Money developing in line with its commitment to the international expansion doesn't cease offering more and more language options to its users which, in our humble opinion, is a good method to attract customers who wish to use a payment service capable to work with them in their own easy to understand idiom. Today Perfect Money provides account holders with a choice of 16 languages and in addition to this we should underline peculiar style featuring each of the language interfaces which is also an additional credit to the designing facilities of PM team. This is not the case with Liberty Reserve and you needn't to be a biased and partial to understand that when it comes to design and interface PM has significant advantages over LR.

While Liberty Reserve covers fundamentals of the service usage in the FAQ section Perfect Money offers a number of choices to master basic skills of how to manage the system including "Tour" and "Help" sections both featuring animated flash reels where customers are provided with graphical illustration of where they need to click or press and what they should enter in a certain blank field. And it should be noted that these sections are included in addition to the traditional FAQ which is also accessible on the PM site.

Perfect Money

Bank wire $50 + 3% (max commission $1000)

e-Voucher 0% fee

e-Currency (Pecunix) - fee specified by exchangers

Prepaid Visa Cards

Certified Partners

Liberty Reserve

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This service is so much dead, I wonder if a similar service is around now almost 10 years after!?? Anyone know?

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