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Liberty Reserve, anyone has a positive feed back on this company?


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Jan 2, 2009
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Just wondering if Liberty Reserve is that good, I have seen many reviews of them which claiming they are not legit and they are runned by a gang in Costa Rica which are all criminals.

Is there any positive review also or how are they managing to stay in business if they are a big scam :confused:
I don't know if those companies will survive on the long term, but I tried out of curiosity to signup with LR and it is a very complicated process, I understand that they need some security, but it is to complicated to use on a daily basis.

The next thing is to load your account, you will have to go through some "shady" looking company to exchange your real money into LR money which sucks big times and also costs a fortune. I'm even not sure if those companies doing this exchange service are legit and allowed to do so, maybe others have some input to it.

Only good thing is (which obviously also can be misused) you are protected against chargeback’s as far as I see, this will make it less attractive to card fraud stars (not the guys with stolen cards but the people which claim they never received their service/product even if they did).

I ill defiantly not use them first because they are to new to convince me that they will succeed, secondly they will give a bad image to your business, just for a few days I saw in television that all those thieves of stole cards use liberty reserve for payments due to the above mechanisms.

But I realize that it is good on some point for some also honest business which simply can’t have any other option left.
I have done business with LR and its good because LR is accepted evrywhere now and paypal is not, especially gamblings and HYIPs sites.

So far I have only good things to say about this company. But e-gold is another thing.