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Who's coming?
It’s going to be boring after a couple of years as this type of vessel is limited to the type of ports she can moor in. You also need to like group excursions, cruise entertainment, epidemics etc. The same goes for posher vessels like The World.
Better if you save a bit and buy your own sailboat.
It’s going to be boring after a couple of years
I though so too. The whole itinerary takes 3 years to complete and I can do max 1. The vessel is big but not enough for 3 years.

Better if you save a bit and buy your own sailboat.

Ive been looking at this as of late, there're some fine pieces coming out of NL.

great idea to get locked for months on the boat when one of the fat americans catches flu :rolleyes:

This will prolly translate in getting unlimited gringo pussy so not that bad
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Who's coming?

That's pretty cool. Makes sense for someone retired like me.

P.S Bet it will be filled with Youtubers vlogging
Where would you declare residency?
All the people I know who live on a boat and travel the world have a place somewhere on land where they store their stuff and use it as place of residence.

It's never too late for a career change ;)
StarLink has made working on the sea a reality
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Turned out to be a complete scam.

30k for 3 years was a dead giveaway, food alone costs more than that for a single person unless they're eating grass and drinking salt water.
30k for 3 years
That's actually 30 bucks per day, more than enough for the regular buffet. And they will charge separately for drinks and a la carte restaurants of course.

Let's not forget that a lot of passengers will either hop-on/hop-off or just die during the cruise (yep, 3 years is a long time and a big chunk of cruise regulars are old folks).

And they also make money on excursions/entertainment - and you will buy a lot of those just to keep sanity during 3-year trip.
Can't believe they sold tickets and did not even have a boat. These guys must have thought they were selling off plan real estate.
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