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New member
Hello everyone:

i am looking for a solution for my consultancy work in belgium

From 2009 until 2013 i worked with the company ICC (International Contractors Club).
They had offices in Luxembourg, Ireland, and Mauritius.
The way we worked is that each month their Luxembourg office would invoice my clients in Belgium, they took their commission (i believe it was 9%), i do not know for sure what they then did in their accountancy but the result was that i received a Credit Card from them on which they would put my funds minus their commission every month.

The point is that i am a belgian citizen and my client(s) are belgian aswel. What i know for a fact is that no client of mine is willing to receive invoices from outside of europe.

does such solution still exist?

thank you for your input


New member

Xolo Go for example? It’s a partnership between you and their estonian company.
There is an active thread just before yours named « rent a company », may be it can give you some insights:
rent a company

Because you speak about Belgium and Luxembourg, other alternative could be (in french): « portage salarial » but it’s more expensive solution.

Hope you will get other answers from more experienced people


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