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Looking for a zen.com alternative i am waiting for your help


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May 11, 2023
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Basically zen.com is an EMI that provides balance top-up with debit card v just 2.5% fees for personal uses. It has almost every currency in it but i only need TRY and EUR.

Also it accepts all fiat currencies and you can convert them at the best rate on the market feeless.

When withdrawing you can convert your fiat to crypto with the best rates possible on the game (0.5%)

Everything seems awesome so far but they don't allow big transtaction or top-ups. Also opening a business account is pain. I searched the whole internet for days and still couldn't find anything better.

Please help me.

Anything besides Revout business.
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It's not quite clear what you are looking for.
What is the purpose of having the account? Transactional banking (details needed), fiat <-> crypto conversion, FX operations, ... ?
Do you also need a business account (as it seems to be)? With the same institution as the personal one, really?
What do you mean by “a big transaction” (or top-up)?
What do you perceive as a pain when trying to open a business account with Zen; what was the problem?
In reality, there are many alternatives to Zen, but the question is probably more about which EMI or NEOBANK one can trust or where the risk is smallest that they suddenly close or something else happens where your money can get stuck and you don't get them paid out.
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