Looking for agent/Law-firm in Nicosia, Cyprus

Discussion in 'Cyprus Company formation' started by Zappat, Dec 3, 2018.

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    I am currently in Nicosia and going for a few meetings this week to see if It's possible to open up a corporate bank account (first one tomorrow 10.00am).

    Do you guys know any legit firms/agents who have been helping you out with this?

    What startup-prices can i expect for the corporate + bank account? I am very grateful for any help!;)

    PS. Will also post the choice of my agent/bank if anyone needs the same service so you guys successfully can open up a Cyprus corporate bank account!:D

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    The last time I was there I noticed that you just have to go through the streets, keep your eyes open and there are signs showing the different Agents for company formation there. Not's complicated, you just walk in there and ask for an appointment. That's it.
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    1 post 1 url !
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    After the first meeting i must say i am a bit dissapointed. Short version = 19% VAT, 12.5% corporate tax and 17.5% social fee’s to the government.

    I saw some people writing on the forum that they could completely avoid the VAT-cost in Cyprus, the firm told me this was impossible.

    VAT is paid quarterly and must be paid at all costs. My final offer to set up a corporation + 2 bank meetings would be 3000€.

    I don’t understand why people prefer Cyprus anymore, or maybe I’ve spoken to the wrong agent?
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    I don't understand why people think they can walk from the street into some sort of agent's office and get this figured out themself just out of the blue! But I believe that's why so many people are burning their smal shitty fingers and should stick to a job at Mc Donalds!
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    This was only my first impression, did my post upset you? This was a Legal/Law-firm.

    Lmao McDonalds.. If you do know how to avoid VAT and social expenses i would love to know how since i am a rookie at this field, obviously.
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    no it didn't upset me, actually I don't care. I just find it strange that some people in the same situation as you are think that this is how it works. You need some good connections and you need to get closer to people.

    Anyway, it's interesting to follow you, but there is a whole lot more in it than just shopping around for the cheapest agent and that's why people still choose Cyprus as a one stop.
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