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Hello !

I'm not really sure this is the right forum or category to ask this, but I've seen everyone's level of knowledge and experience on this forum, I thought it was a good place to ask.

I am not really looking for anything that is Offshore, I am looking for an EMI or Bank that accepts High Risk and accepts an US company as a client, what I am basically looking for is to be able to receive SWIFT transfers in that bank and send SEPA transfers to affiliates from there, reducing the costs of always sending SWIFT from the United States.

The business structure is simple, so we have never had any problems with compliance, the difficult thing is to find the right bank.

To explain a little more about what I mean as High Risk, it is a porn website affiliate company, nothing too complicated, but I am having a hard time finding banks that accept this double combinatorial, I get some that accept high risk, but not US companies and others that accept US companies but not high risk.

Any recommendation, contact, experience ... is totally welcome!

Thanks a lot !


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There are almost no EMI or banks willing to accept a porn industry business with US indicia. Costs and risks are too expensive for any bank and EMI. There are a few banks in Europe which can accept you, if you are willing to deposit 8 digits amount and hold it in a bank for all the time.

More easy solution will be to incorporate company in some EU country where banks does not care about nature of your business if you have a local company there.
Offshore Bank Accounts
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution

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