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  1. David97255

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    I explain myself.
    I have some business accounts with different company.
    The accounts are closed and need to transfer balance account ( between 100 to 500 euros each ) to a same name account in another bank.
    Due to the low balance it's not worth for me to open so many differents accounts.
    So my question is , is there a bank or Emi that will give me unique Iban and i ll be able to send the money there?
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  2. Banker89

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    I have heard of this being possible for larger amounts but I do not think it is worth it in these amounts for any IBAN issuer. Have you tried Paysera maybe? Or are they the ones closing the accounts? ;)
  3. David97255

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    @Banker89 right for bigger amount it existing.
    I had no luck in the past with paysera, they never accepted my apply for account opening. No it's not them that they are closing my accounts.
    I may try with paysera again
  4. Banker89

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    Paysera are hard to work with and their support people never give clear answers to anything, but the good thing is they are cheap ns2ns2ns2
  5. negon

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    What's wrong with Revolut, Mister Tango and even the many other EMI's that offer unique IBAN ??
  6. Banker89

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    Revolut is much more picky on the business models they accept. Mister Tango is more expensive (I think they now have EUR 100 per month minimum fee for corporate accounts). But I agree both are better than Paysera. I just suggested Paysera because of these reasons.
  7. MrTony

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    Could we, for example, pay the invoice in USD from our Revolut corporate account and who will be beneficiary on account details: our company or Revolut Ltd.? Will the counterpart see our Company name or Revolut Ltd.? I ask about USD, cause I know that in case of EUR they will see our Company name.