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Hi there,

I am looking for a little more information for my first venture offshore. I'll try to sum up my situation as much as I can in this thread.

I am a Brazilian citizen legally residing in EU (also a tax resident), and currently I am a partner (as an individual) in two companies located in separate countries.
Both companies are in the IT services sector and all the income of the companies are legal, fully documented and they have all taxes, VAT, etc. in check. Luckily business is doing quite well and I wanted to prepare myself to minimize capital gain taxes in case the companies get acquired in the near future, as there has been lately some interest from investors and large firms.

My question is what would be the best route in terms of company formation and banking for that could tick the following boxes:
- A good jurisdiction to establish what essentially I believe will be a holding company that will be the shareholder of both companies, instead of myself as a person;
- Low taxes on capital gains on the sale of shares owned in a company from abroad;
- A jurisdiction that can offer strong asset protection guarantees, and where the incorporated company could invest in property and own shares in other companies;
- Get the companies where I am partner in to pay me not salary but pay the offshore company, and later I will pay myself dividends or something similar;
- A bank in a jurisdiction where EU banks won't raise eye brows when the companies have to make payments to the offshore entity.

Any good input will be much appreciated. Thanks!


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Where are the 2 companies based as different countries have different laws
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