1. Dagobert Duckson

    Dagobert Duckson Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I'm starting to think that Malta might just be the coolest place on Earth.

    - an EU state so I can live there without any paper work
    - great flight connections into the Mediterranean and Europe in general
    - tax-wise, a blend of Singapore and your random Caribbean island
    - yet solid financial regulations and institutions
    - English widely spoken but open for business to a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds
    - weather as good as it gets
    - COL still relatively reasonable
    - a prime minister to cuddle...
    - time zone great for remote business almost anywhere on the globe (Europe really is privileged in this regard)
    - good infrastructure and medical care
    - good food

    What's not to like?
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  2. Internationaloff

    Internationaloff Corporate Services Business Angel

    I Like Malta for Self Sufficient and No-DOM.
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  3. lookingforward

    lookingforward Building Trust Entrepreneur

    not a good infrastructure and food, agree with all others
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  4. Dagobert Duckson

    Dagobert Duckson Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I agree, infrastructure isn't up to Swiss or German standards but I can think of a few Club Med members that are worse than Malta.
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  5. lookingforward

    lookingforward Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I think we always can find something that better and worse than in other places :) Every country is unique, you have to be local and foreigner in each to understand everything.

    I moved to Malta 10 months ago.

    First 4 months i saw only pros, now i know all the pros and cons of living there, because i saw every season.

    Also bureaucracy changed a bit, year ago i had to wait months for Maltese ID or for example to open a bank account. Now all can be done quick and easy.

    All their services only this year started to be ONLINE, year ago you had to wait month to get their physical mail. E.t.c :)
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  6. Dagobert Duckson

    Dagobert Duckson Building Trust Entrepreneur

    @lookingforward - agreed. I've only been to Malta once so my impression is a fleeting one. What do you see as the downsides of living permanently in Malta?
  7. salmonfisher

    salmonfisher New Member

    malta may get boring quick cause its very small
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  8. suzy

    suzy Corporate Services Mentor Group Business Angel

    I don't believe Malta to be any exciding place long term. For business purpose it may still be good.
  9. Shlomo

    Shlomo Member

    From my visits, I got the impression that it is a rather boring place to stay long-term. The economy does not seem very diversified either (but for a country that size I would say it most definitely is). Supposedly it is not the easiest place to move to for non-EU citizens, but for well-off EU-citizens it is definitely an alternative to places like Spain or Cyprus to live in.
  10. lookingforward

    lookingforward Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Trust me, Malta went boom in past 5 years economic wise, 7 years ago there was almost 0 hourse with 2+ floors, now all the casinos pushing money in, and if i compare other countrys i lived in, the development and life growth is much faster. About boredom i can agree and not agree in the same time, as you can go to Sicilly and whatsoever any weekend (only 1,3h by boat).
  11. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Offshore Consultant Business Angel

    Boredom is relative to what you are looking for in terms of enjoyment. I found Malta has more in common with North Africa than it does with EU. It is a hot and dusty country with friendly people and low cost of living.
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  12. 1nomad

    1nomad Active Member

    Where do you live, Malta or Gozo?
  13. Toootoly

    Toootoly New Member

    i know that OP is a bit old, but to mention good infrastructure and good food in regards to Malta, is like saying you dont need to pay tax anywhere in the world. I have lived on the rock 8 years and been visiting on off the last 35 years, and the only thing that is happening in Malta is over constructing with extremely poor quality houses. Prices for everything goes up (Food, rental, china and copy clothes etc) and quality of life and goods goes down. They have become racist to foreingers, as they blame them for everything on the island. Fact is that without the gaming companies then Malta would have nothing, as they are slowly but surely killing the turist industry :)

    There is good things about Malta, and that is running a business as you can more or less exactly what you want when you are a resident, or else you can pay your way out of it, and make it happen :) Wit hthe right setup you have a EU company with 5% tax, legally.
  14. lookingforward

    lookingforward Building Trust Entrepreneur

  15. jackfrost

    jackfrost Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Malta is great if you travel now and then. See it as a "base" with certain "advantages" with 300 days of sun and English speaking, as central as it gets with short flight hops to all of the EU. If that ticks boxes for you there is nothing comparable in the EU unless you only have passive income and don't care about CFC rules then Portual etc come into play too. You will want to make sure you have enough income to be able to afford Sliema, St. Julians, Valletta, Tigne etc. You don't want to rent/buy in the other places unless you are the lonely type.

    Bottom line: If you got the cash flow, need to care about CFC rules, can afford the living hotspots + holding structures (about 10k / year) then its heaven on earth depending on what you make out of it yourself.
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