managed adult dedicated server hosting?

Discussion in 'Hosting Offshore' started by Brunoweb, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. Brunoweb

    Brunoweb Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I'm looking for the hosting solution with these specs:
    1 TB (ssd) - HD, 14 TB - data transfer, Linux, managed, 24 GB - RAM
    Any experience with dedicated web hosting services?
    Are they offering any fresh discounts or promos now?
    Where can I read customer hosting reviews about the quality of the services they provide?

    Any alternative hosts for comparison please?

  2. Deepbreathe

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    Try to contact team and get all the things cleared. Use Promo code: happy2018 - 18% lifetime discount.
    I believe this web host is flexible and stable enough to satisfy all your specific requirements and keep your web sites always online.
  3. Grownup

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    Really good hosting company that goes the extra mile to help their customers. support team always so helpful and resolves issues as soon as they are given. They are honest about any issues arising and explain why issues happen.
  4. Adulthood

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    I think is a good deal! I have a couple of sites hosted there that I had as an image hosting for a few weeks.
    I have found them to be the best host for support, advice, and pricing out of several hosts I have ever seen before.