Many people like to incorporate offshore company

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  1. SasxInc

    SasxInc Active Member Entrepreneur

    After #panamapaper leak, people thinking hundred times before choosing Panama as an offshore jurisdiction.
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  2. fxmaster

    fxmaster Member

    As soon as everything has settle down and time has past things will be good again and people will be able to have their business in Panama for same reasons as they had before the leak. Now there must be found solutions and some people and companies will have to pay the price for the leak and go to prison.. but later no one ever think about it again.
  3. mert

    mert Offshore Agent Business Angel

    Me like too to incorporate my business offshore. I'm the lucky owner of 9 offshore companies for different business purpose. Since 2010 :)
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  4. fxmaster

    fxmaster Member

    wow 9 companies that's a lot.. all situated in Panama?
  5. Admin

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    For your situation I would defiantly go with a complete Cyprus company formation setup since you are able to get payment processing and bank account for this entity.
  6. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    Where do you see 10k primary capital? Most often you don't need any share capital to be paid in!
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  7. myshufflemix

    myshufflemix Member

    In 1 or two years I would trust Panama again for company formation and only if they don't keep finding new documents and information from there until then forget about it. !!
  8. RamsayB

    RamsayB Member Entrepreneur

    For me even after 10 years, I won't trust them again for sure. They let my hopes down after what they did few years ago with the leak.
  9. newtooffshore

    newtooffshore VIP Offshore Investor Mentor Group Sponsor

    I predict Panama to come back as an offshore jurisdiction pretty soon.
  10. newtooffshore

    newtooffshore VIP Offshore Investor Mentor Group Sponsor

    To find the proper jurisdiction you hopefully made a business plan or know what your goals are.!!
  11. ImKing

    ImKing Corporate Services Business Angel

    Try Seychelles, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Marshall Islands, Isel of Mann a few good alternatives.
  12. adoffshore

    adoffshore Offshore Agent Entrepreneur

    I'm reading all what I can find about to setup and register a company in Panama but the information I find is not confirming if it's still good to incorporate a business in Panama or if it is something left from the past! Does someone know and can help me in my decision to establish a business in Panama please?
  13. suzy

    suzy Corporate Services Mentor Group Sponsor Entrepreneur Business Angel

    It's an convenience way to do business online and keep my privacy. I never regret to have spend money on my offshore company setup.
  14. uplana

    uplana Corporate Services Business Angel

    You still do? I predict Panama so BVI are soon out in the big game to stay as an offshore jurisdiction for high Investments!!
  15. DeepDrilling

    DeepDrilling Mentor Group Mentor Group Sponsor

    With so many ideas that I have found here on the forum and all the information from where I learned how to setup and offshore Company and how to incorporate my business for instant in the Seychelles I can only say. If you don't know what to use your offshore Company for or why you would like to use an entity for online business then you don't need it.

    I have been so happy with my corp. already that I don't want to think about how it would have been if I didn't found this place!
  16. Michael

    Michael New Member

    I know every situation is different, I come here looking to be pointed in correct direction, I am still researching merits and fees for each jurisdiction to make balanced business decision. I require offshore llc also offshore bank account that is able to accept multiple card payments from multiple locations . I am also interested in adding extra layer of protection by way of forming trust. Any up to date advice or pointers in direction of solid information will be appreciated
  17. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    The problem starts always where you want to accept credit card payments for your business. There are Visa and MasterCard regulations that bind your company to a certain Visa/MC region.

    That means, if you are a US company then you need a US merchant account say with authorize.net it is not possible to apply for an account in Europe!

    So to start with you will need to be clear where your customers are coming from and where it would strtegily best to place your offshore company, then (and before you setup a company) you will need to figure out what options you are left with in regards to accept credit cards online.

    You can forget about Seychelles and Belize! Most often as you may have read here already, people are looking into BVI, Malta, Cyprus and the UK. BVI is too complicated to setup and I would not recommend you to go that route.

    On a side note, you can forget about privacy if you are looking for a merchant account in a real setup, it will not work.
  18. Michael

    Michael New Member

    Thanks. Customers are coming from US, UK, Australia, small amount Europe and Middle East. It is a really mixed bag. I feel the UK and Cyprus are a no for me, lost money in Cyprus once bitten twice shy and all that.
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  19. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    Go with a St. Vincent Company and banking with EuroPacific then. You could also do as many have done already go with services like WorldCore, LeuPay, AdvanceCash and fly under the radar. I can't teach you here how to do that but an upgrade to Mentor Group can teach you all details and how to go about it. The same goes for 100% anonymous offshore company that is untraceable.
  20. Michael

    Michael New Member

    I have just been looking at Worldcore. Thanks for confirming my initial thoughts. I am strongly considering joining mentor group I think it would be massively advantageous for me .
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