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Many people like to incorporate offshore company


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LeuPay and WorldCore seem to me to be the best from all of them! But do you know if they can handle a Cyprus company or are they only for offshore companies in Seychelles or Belize?


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Benefits of Panama Company

If income gets received out of Panama they all the local taxes gets exempted
Annual support is inexpensive
Minimum paid up capital in not a binding
You don’t have to file the owners and shareholders information to the Public Registry
Office and it is not made available publically.
You can make any individual or entity a shareholder.
There is no foreign exchange control
Does this still apply or it's old info?


hannibal the cannibal
It is outdated information, sadly. Panama is a dead jurisdiction to incorporate a business offshore.


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Thank you. What would you consider to be the next best offshore jurisdiction if Panama is not good? Guatemala I heard lots of good about?


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Back when I was new to all of this the best I found was you didn't had to pay in any share capital. Years later many EU countries introduced the exact same thing for their local countries. Som only require 1 Euro
Where was that?
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