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Mentor Group for anonymity!

At the beginning of this thread there was written something like this "if you are looking for a tax advice then mentors group is not for you" but if you are looking for tricks on "how to stay under the radar then you should buy the entry ticket"; Now, I am wondering if I can get some advice on international trade and proper offshore company setup to stay under the radar inside our offshorecorptalk mentors group...nai¤%
nice username... if you read around you see there is a solution for you in the mentor group gold thu&¤#
I have bought a long term subscription to mentor group gold for two reasons.

First to help the guys behind OCT to keep this forum alive and second for the stuff inside mentor group which can be a game changer for my business from time to time.
Thank you for your support ;)
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@Admin any chance to have back PayPal as a paying method?
Sorry no chance... We will not use PayPal again, they ruined our business and also there was too much fraud.
Thanks to all of you, it helps us keep the forum running.

Your membership is much appreciated thu&¤#