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Important! Mentor Group Gold & Marketplace Seller Thread - Commercial use!


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Dec 29, 2008
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As an Mentor Group Gold member you are allowed to advertise your services and products sold in your signature. As of today you can also open a MG Gold Seller thread with your services and products sold. The Same apply for Marketplace Seller's who want to advertise a commercial service i.e. selling of services and products as a business.

This thread is a paid service and works like the following:
  • You start your thread, use the prefix "MG Gold Seller" OR as Marketplace Seller you use prefix FOR SALE
  • Right after your thread is live you go to the Advertising section and pick Package 010
  • After your payment is made you're set to go and don't need to do anything further
Should you need any further information or need help please do not hesitate to contact us.

Failing to upgrade your thread to a Sticky sales thread as described above will be punished with warning points before a temporary BAN!
Yes it is, you may check the forum rules at the below link: