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Mentor Group Light and Silver Membership price increase.


Dec 29, 2008
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It is with regret that we from today have had to adjust the prices of Mentor Group Light and Silver Membership upwards. Thus Mentor Group Light now costs EUR 65 per month and Silver Membership EUR 98 for a whole year.

We are faced with having to implement OffshoreCorpTalk V.3.0, this entails large costs in the five figures for us. Not only for the developers of the new web technology you will see in the near future, but also for a completely new and streamlined design. In the future, we want to appear as a professional platform with a professional appearance. We will stand stronger and more secure.

Also in the Mentor Group Gold and Light you will see some new initiatives that are unique and require an upgrade of our platform.

We hope that you will continue to support us, and that you will enjoy the forum a lot in the future as well.

NOTE: Current subscriptions will remain at their old price until canceled by the member!

Best Regards
More news will follow as we are ready to publish it. Sorry but at the moment I can't tell you more ;)

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