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Jan 2, 2009
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Hello everyone. A couple of questions for you all...

Say if I wished to accept payments on my website worldwide,i.e, from international credit cards - which one in your opinion would be better - First Data or something like World Pay or any good recommendations is appreciated (keeping in mind any hassles that I may have to face in future if things were to get bigger).

And has anyone dealt with or heard of Sage Payment solutions for merchant accounts. Suggestions? Thanks.

And not sure if a question like this is relevant but - would there be any ONE US bank that can be regarded as a BANK that is more favorable to Ecommerce business? - to open an account with. Thanks.
Yes, if you're based in the US then a real US merchant account is best. Some good complete bundles are Nexcommerce.com, Echo-Inc.com, Fast Transact. Those are 3 solutions with good overall pricing. There are others to choose from but I would really recommend that you look into a real merchant account for both international cards and standard US credit cards.

I use paypal for most of my clients. They really have gotten better in the last few years.. before their customer service sucks.. but now it's actually pretty decent.

There are pros and cons with them vs a real card company.

paypal pros

no sign up costs

no monthly fees

easy integration

accept debit and credit cards and echecks (depending on account type)

debit card option so you can pull money right out of paypal at an atm or use to purchase items at a store

paypal takes care of most pci compliancy

the most popular way to send money online, very large userbase

paypal cons

slightly higher transaction fees

some people dont like paypal

not a real bank

I recommend paypal to most of my clients, who are dealing in low transaction items or sites. Money wise paypal does take more of a % than other companies, but they also do have other fees that most companies have. If you are making under 200 or 300 a month or less in online sales, you are probably better off going with paypal. If you are making more than that, you will probably be better off with a real card company like authorize.net or similar

I have only had 1 problem with Paypal in the past, and it wasn't really paypals fault. I was freelancing for a company, and for a month they were using one of their workers personal cards and paying him back while they got their new cards set up. I was paid like I should, but a few months later the guy was fired. He went back and claimed unauthorized transactions on a bunch payments made, even though he was reimbursed. So because of that $800 was deducted from my account and I had to fight it showing proof and documentation. Paypal reps said it was definitely in my favor and I would get the money back, but they sent it to his bank to reverse it, and they rejected the claim (not paypals fault). About 3 months later I get an email from paypal saying that the case was reopened and I won, and I would be getting my money back within the week. About 4 days later I had my $800 back.