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Microsoft giving up on Vista???


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Jan 8, 2009
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..........Ballmer announced that Microsoft is releasing a beta version of Windows 7, which will be available for download beginning Friday. The news suggests the world's largest software maker may be giving up efforts to rehabilitate its often-maligned Vista operating system, which was released worldwide in January 2007.

where are all the vista lovers now?

Giving up? I doubt it. I think they'll just keep overlapping OS's all the time at this point. Bring out a new system every year or two, differing versions of the same thing every 6 months. Just pollute the market with their stuff so heavily that people feel that's all they have to choose from is some flavour of windows.
hmmm, dont know what to sya, but I cant believe that Microsoft is stopping the support and development of Vista, it is still a new product and many people didn't even switched from Windows XP to Vista.

But it looks good if they will make a better Windows 7, maybe it dosent has blue screens :D
Just found some news about Windows 7, looks like MS is improving now, lets hope it is for the best and they don't have this extra feature Blue Screen Dump, it sucks.