Mistertango vs. Skrill vs. Paysera

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  1. Green

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    Dear all,

    I have got respond from Mistertango that Seychelles company is acceptable and my passport is ok to register Mistertango account.

    The thing is I need to transfer money back to my home country bank.

    I was told Mistertango only support SEPA==> What does it mean?
    Does that mean I only can do business in currency Euro and among European countries?
    Mistertango said they don't do SWIFT anymore.==> Does that mean my company account need to transfer
    money to maybe Skrill personal account, then transfer back to my personal account in my home country bank?

    I am non-EU resident and I actually have no idea about SEPA, but being old by my home country bank, which IBAN code is acceptable. Therefore, I need to make sure whether Mistertango could transfer money to Skrill or directly back to my home country bank (SWIFT system).

    Or, does anyone have comment on this cash-flow? I really hope I could solve this problem soon.

    Thank you for your patience.

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  2. void

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    you can send money from skrill to mrtango and vice versa using SEPA
    talking about personal accounts only
  3. 1nomad

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    Open Paysera account for Seych. company, then you can do SWIFT
  4. lostman

    lostman Building Trust Entrepreneur

    this should work very well for you also because Skrill supports several bank accounts from different countries.
  5. Green

    Green Active Member

    Paysera doesn't support Seychelles
  6. Green

    Green Active Member

    I am kind of in a hurry to make the decision since Mistertango is going to raise the payment set up fee.

    Could it be like as below:

    1) Mistertango business account (Euro/IBAN)--> Skrill personal account(Euro/IBAN/SWIFT)--->my home country personal bank account(SWIFT)

    2) Skrill business account => Does it support Seychelles?
    Skrill business account (IBAN/SWIFT)-->Skrill personal account (or it's not necessary) -->my home country personal bank account(SWIFT)

  7. negon

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    You can transfer from Mister Tango to any European bank. I have only faced problems from European bank to Mister Tango which go rejected.
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  8. blueweb

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    second that!
  9. Yaneek

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    I don't want to go offtopic but i don't know where to post this. Can somebody tell me how long the verification process is on mistertango business accounts?
  10. Admin

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    just open a new thread!

    So far I have been waiting 4 days.