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Most probable form of God?


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Apr 15, 2009
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Which relation do you think is the most probable form of God for you? For me, its my mother. From my first step on this earth till today, my mother has been right beside me. What about you?
Actually I don't believe there is a "god" around us.According to your words,I choose my dad,because he taught many ways to handle problem in daily life,taught me to think logically and wisely.I really appreciate him.
What is this about, God in the pocket.... lol


I feel god can never be everywhere when ever we need him so he created mom. For me my mother is probable form of God. From the day I born to Till date , Whenever I did any mistake My mom supported me and gave me the right advice. Never let me be alone in this world. She alwaya stood besides me to face this world.
I simply want to thank my mother for all the love and care she has showered on me all these years. She is the one responsible for making each day so wonderful and special.