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Moved - PayPal?


Offshore Agent
Feb 14, 2009
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Is Paypal a good option when it comes to offering your clients all possible ways in which to pay you? I've heard they've got some harsh fees, but I believe the service to be good. What do you guys think?
I use PayPal often for receiving payments and to pay others, it is a fast and convenience way to move money and also you don’t have to go through the hassle to become your own merchant account or similar.

I don’t have that much business that I can effort a other real merchant.
PayPal should be one of the payment options any decent online business should offer. it's very convenient and that's the most important thing. You want to offer your customers all the conveniences you can. Otherwise, they'd look elsewhere.
Like most of you here, Paypal is the one that I am using since most sites that I am working with pays by it. The only paid—to-post site that I am using right now that is currently paying through another form of payment is ReviewMe which is also paying through Paypal.