My experience with bitsafe( keep updating , and share with all the fellows here, it said accept adult business)

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since paxum is not cheap, i try to open another Emi account which called bitsafe( i knew it from a post in this forum, they accept porn) since this Emi is new ,i will keep update and share my experince here.

i signup the talent account which is a non business one, they gave me a iban number and they request a ID card photo vertification, they just request the front of it at first, i gave them, they send a email quickly to request both back and front side of my ID photos, its okay, but the annoying part cames , which i want to say WTF to them

they need me to forget the password button in the app
2.and press remove from this device
so it will return to the start status as it said ,then i can do the photo vertification again as they said
3.after reset , u back to the starting point, and the app will require u to scan a QR code from another device(which they will give a link of a html verson of bitsafe)

4. i scan , and WTF they said i already took the photo vertification and no button for me to do it again.

5. i send them an email at 00:12
1/3 , no reply yet, a bit slow.
Bitsafe dont have live caht
Still, theres no reply from bitsafe since i send them a email at the first of march , no reply .

As i need a payment processor , and ccbill only accepts EU and Usa resident , i dont have much alternative options. Verotel is one of them , so i send them an email 5/3 that i want to join the high risk merchants
, And this time they reply me quicly with an agent .

they accept startup which is good for me. And they provide me two options . One is Verotel basic and the other one is cardbilling.

Verotel basic charges super high transaction fees which is 15.5% , while Cardbilling charges 5%.

Verotel basic offers 75 currency while Cardbilling only offers USD EUR and GBP.

Verotel also charges nth when there is a creditcard refund while Cardbilling charges USD 45 for each .

p.s. Verotel and bitsafe are same company so they will provide a bitsafe account for u once u finished the application.
i will keep update the situation here, anyone who had experience with them , plz discuss here!


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@joeytamlovebusiness I have faced the same problem than you when I tried to open an account at Bankera/pervesk.
So, I opened their link for KYC/AML in a firefox browser and it worked. It didn't work on Google Chrome. So, I would suggest you to try using your phone with many browsers and on a desktop with different browsers.
It is not a bad thing when the support team is not responsive because when they are responsive, this is likely to close your account :) :)
yeah , they only accept USA/EU/Canada resident. So theres not much good option on the market , and verotel just told me that they will take another 10% besides 15.5% of charge fee as a rolling reserve forever . But they will pay u back the ten percent every six months. That is a disater for cash flow


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Hey, thank you for sharing your experience.

I'm just kicked off from a bank in Cyprus because I'm running an adult website, despite of I've been living in Cyprus for 5 years.

Since in Cyprus is impossible to open a bank account even for normal Dating Website, I'm considering other solution, like Bitsafe.

But, I've a question. What is the maximum figure that you thought to keep in that? Are they reliable like a Bank?
€500k would be too much?

Thank you

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What's your guys experience with BitSafe, have you opened an account with them, if so, how is it going for you?


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Hi guys, I just signed up for a business account in this EMI and the procedure was too simple to be true, so I believe some puzzle pieces are still missing. I used the online form for signing up and was asked for just my email address, company name and jurisdiction, phone number and the business contact full name. After that I confirmed the email address and the phone number and this is it, I was given a EUR account with a shared IBAN. So I'm wondering now, at what point the real verification will happen (requesting beneficiary IDs, company docs, etc.), as I fail to believe you can get a business account that simple?

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It gets a little exciting and hear from someone who has had a fully verified account opened with them and who may have also had some communication with this company.

Even though it is a 100% online business, you have to provide some kind of customer support if you want to handle other people's money.


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I had talent account there, had to load the app and make verifying over back, front and video verification.

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