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My experience with bitsafe( keep updating , and share with all the fellows here, it said accept adult business)


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Their support is shit. I hope its only because of this Corona crisis, it's been weeks for me to hear any sort of reply from them. Again, too bad that there isn't any alternative to bitsafe :/ I wish there were, as lack of customer support is the most annoying thing ever.


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Hey good dudes, has anyone tried to transfer funds from Bitsafe to another service like Payoneer or maybe even Paypal. I mean from an Talent Account ofcourse


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I have both a personal account and a business account with Bitsafe.

- Personal:
Easy to create and verify and they support card (which is paused right now, because of the whole Wirecard issue).

- Business:
The signup was easy and like one said, too easy. But I was quickly contacted about verifying the business before using it.
They required notarised company papers sent to them. But because my structure is only people and no companies, they would accept scans if just every part of the company structure opened a talent account and verified. We did that and then everything was fine.

It is true that their support is a bit slow. But in my case about the business account, they made aware of slow response times regarding KYC, because of Covid-19.
The first business transfer seems to have to be approved. I transferred 2 in from SEPA and 2 days later wrote to them, why they hadn't arrived. The same day they both arrived on the account at the same time, which is why I suspect it had to be approved manually. I never got a reply on my support ticket :)


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Hello, I have a Bitsafe app and a verified member already. I was using Swift transfer to my local bank account which has a high charge, so I ordered a Bitsafe debit card and I got it already. Since the ATM machine doesn't accept the card ( cannot process account show on the atm machine ) I decided to move again the money to my local bank, I found out that my Bitsafe app asking to scan the QR code, so now, I couldn't get the code anymore to transfer the money and even a text to my mobile number is none. This is very hassle.


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It's a Bitsafe debit card and it didn't work on the ATM. After I paid for it and waited for a long process for 3 months, it seems that it is also useless.
I would quickly run away from this provider and for everyone else reading this thread STAY AWAY from them. It is useless!


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I would today withdraw money on atm ,too... I Try 2000€, dont work, then try 1000, dont work, too. So, i contact support.. awaiting answer. I can transfer money to online shops e.g. but atm seems not working, thats really bad,,.. im awaiting answer from support.:mad:


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I had ask the support, but dont get an answer yes, i Update here, if i get an answer. error message was Card trasnaction declined:withdrawal limit has been exceeded... I Try 1000!!!!!Its not many...


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Ok, isee in bitsafes Faqs that the limit to withdraw money on atm is 500...
how many times a day can you do it? Some EMI's allow up to 5 times in a row i.e. 2500 euro a day.


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yes its little, so u can use the card for pay online or use it for transfer to other clients... there isthe limit 3000 or 5000 for one transfer... not sure
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