My weird experience with Transferwise


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Just few weeks ago i was the one to recommend TW for Seychelle Ltd account opening (one of the very few if not the only EMI's who would even consider it). Well, not anymore.
Everything was OK with the account for a couple of months, until we decided to open account with TW for the same Seychelle company's subsidiary, which is legit company in Italy. However that application was very unexpectedly refused, which was surprising considering that the parent company already had TW account. Then a stupid move wa made on my part. I asked TW would they reconsider their decision, which they did, in a way, by closing not only parent company account but even personal account of the parent's company owner. Also banned everyone involved forever (in very polite terms of course). So there's that. Still a bit dumbfounded.


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As some guy here already said, "color ful" people are around here and that seems to be the main reason for why things like that happen.

Martin Everson

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I don't think TW would like to have accounts for cross border company structures (the irony of calling it a borderless account) but maybe I am wrong. What bank even would open an account for a Italian company with a Seychelles parent company in 2019 if your not i.e Apple or Google smi(&%.

Thanks for the update :(