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National Healthcare in U.S.


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Mar 3, 2009
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With all this talk about a nationalized health care system in the United States, have people forgotten about Medicare and how much it sucks. There's your nationalized health care. Get government involved in something like this and it'll stink!
National news reported how uninsured individuals have to kick up the money to pay for insurance once this al happens. Guess it never occurred to the government the reason that those people don't have insurance is because they can't afford the monthly payments DUH!
Why not change it?

Other countries have systems that work for all. And even the homeless are able to get medication without paying money for it.

If you want it better- you simply have to pay for it there (and I am talking about a few European Countries).
I honestly don't agree with the national healthcare for the United States. People work to get their insurance or whatever. I have a feeling that people are going to become lazy. Also, jobs might diminish (health field) becuase of this.

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