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Need Banks or EMI in Europe for Our Belgian Construction Companies


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Aug 7, 2017
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i am writing on behalf of our Belgian construction companies,

Our companies have been established for several years and have a proven track record in the construction industry. We are now looking for suitable banking solutions to support our financial transactions.

The majority of our incoming funds are expected to be business-to-business (B2B) transactions originating from Belgium. Therefore, we are interested in finding two reliable banks or Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) in Europe to open accounts for our companies.

We would greatly appreciate any assistance or suggestions you could provide in this regard. Or if some one are doing this services please let me know so we will be in touch!

Thank you
As you are in business for several years, I presume that you are/were using some bank(s) until now. What's wrong with them and should be different with a new bank? What is the reason for change?
Totally agree with @Forester. You need to explain why you seek a new bank or EMI account? ns2