New company and Regular bank

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EMI is so inconvenient to me because of the monthly trading volume.
So I need a new company and a regular bank.

However, I do not want third parties to easily confirm my name in the public records.
I would like to appoint nominee director and shareholder to protect me from competitors rather than taxes.
UK companies are so easily accessible through googling.

Where are the companies and banks that can meet these conditions?

I have recently been interested in Estonia. But Estonia does not allow nominee.

How do you think about
Kitts + Maltese bank
Bulgarian company + Maltese bank

Is there any other recommended combination?

Martin Everson

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Have you tried opening a corporate account in Malta as a non-resident? Or do you have in mind using that one bank that is currently under investigation by MFSA and US DOJ. I would leave Malta alone as it is no longer welcoming to non-resident accounts in general. Only a couple of non-core banks in Malta cater to that audience.

Public company records with beneficial owner being published is going to be a EU wide thing - UK has been leading the way with its beta testing. I would rule out EU, UK and any of their overseas territories or crown dependencies.

I recommend you perhaps reassess your strategy. If you are offering services or products to the public they have a right to know who is behind the business. Otherwise do not offer services to the public. If you are not offering services to the public but want privacy then reconsider whether you need a company structure firstly.

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I want to register as a non-resident.
I do not know what banks are involved with MFSA and US DOJ.

So what are your referral options?
I am a non-European resident, but what I want most is to get a regular bank account in Europe.
At the same time, I want privacy protection from public records.
It does not matter that the bank knows me.