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Hello wonderful forum members,

He on the last steps before we enter 2021 we have release our second video which we hope you find to be interesting and will comment with good and bad, also please share, like etc. the video if you don't mind.

Enjoy watching, the next video will go in production very soon and will be different then the first two.


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Not bad, better, much better! The animated video you published the last time was not close to this one.


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Really... you want to find some other actor the next time, everything else is good :)


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Just watched that video on the homepage, I thought the trick here was using homeless people to open bank accounts, not make videos for you?
You feel he looks that bad? rof/%


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Haha well maybe not homeless but a little unkempt.
what ... are you living under the rock ? ... how dare you? :)) that's just a new "business" look in a new world order, a world where the rule of law, not the rule of jungle governs the conduct of nations ... just check david de rothschild, jack dorsey, VC tech bros ... and the list goes on and on ...


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It's a professional shoot that's notable but the guy you hired to speak there is not making the best image, overall it is good.

Congrats with your new strategythu&¤#
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