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North Korea


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Mar 3, 2009
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Anyone else think that North Korea is the next great threat to the peace and safety of this world? North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il is a major nutcase looking for any reason to start a fight. My big fear is that if he does start a war, not only will North Korea will be involved, but China will be dragged into it too. Scary.
I believe that the US will have a major play in this game and stop North Korea from even thinking of to that a nuclear war. Some say North Korea is doing all this just to get the attention which they won't get if they didn't made this "test" of their nuclear weapons.
It is true that they will pose great threat to the humans. They have joined hands with the Iranian government. Both develop secret nuclear weapons which is prohibited. If pakistan can get access to these technique and join hands with them, it is a big threat.

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