Note: Transferwise Debit Card is GBP-denominated


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So today I got hit with an EUR60 withdrawal fee after taking EUR2700 from an ATM machine in France. I called TW immediately to ask what is going on, since I had pre-loaded their debit card with EUR3000 beforehand and did an earlier EUR100 withdrawal just to test, which did not incur any fees at all. They told me that although I had made sure that my balance was in EUR on, and the ATM I was withdrawing from was an EUR ATM (in Metz, France) I was charged EUR60 because a conversion took place from GBP! My account has 0GBP on it and I do not even have a GBP wallet but was still charged such a conversion. Appears that the debit card itself, has a Currency Code attached to it!

Be careful :)

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So today I got hit with an EUR60 withdrawal fee after taking EUR2700 from an ATM machine in France.
After 200 GBP equivalent withdrawal within 30 days you will pay a 2% ATM withdrawal fee on 2700 EUR. Charge sounds roughly around same figure when you add any ATM operator charges? old)(#


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I see now... so the first EUR100 test went through because the first EUR250 per month is without fees...

On their website they write the daily limit is EUR1500 but I called them well beforehand and they told me there are no limits whatsoever. I managed to make the withdrawal but was astounded by the fees. Holy fuck I thought TW was going to be cheaper than Payoneer...


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You can withdraw whatever you like up to a daily hard limit (which is 1500 GBP daily and 4000 per 30 days). As already noted in one of the previous posts 200 GBP per 30 days is free and then 2% fee is applied.
The problem you were facing was most likely caused by a "trap" ATM (usually oriented to tourist) that doesn't care about your options and always uses a primary currency of your card (GBP in case of TW cards) and involuntarily uses DCC for conversion to local currency (which is basically a theft considering the rate). Happens all over the world sometimes. When the ATM doesn't let you choose if you want to withdraw directly a local currency (TW will care about the conversion) then find another one.


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N26 charge 1.7%, not 2.0% by the way.
Or no fees if you pay 9.9 euros monthly as a fixed fee.
N26 doesn’t charge anything to withdraw eur.
Thank you for the information but please open your own thread if you have questions or information other then to TW :)

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