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Novel bank is a scam they got away with my 24k USD. At first my account balance was 60usd but one day i funded my account with 24k usd now total balance was 24060usd but after 2 days they closed my account for no reason and sent me an email that i will be getting my money after 6 months. It was frustating that time but it was more shocking when i recieved a check after 6 months just for 60usd only then i contacted them 100's of times but they dont have any information on my funds they simply dont reply to my emails. They are 100% scammers.


Generally means "Criminal" in nature.

Reply from Novel
2 days ago
Our team is actively looking into your case. Due to the nature of the closure we cannot provide details here.

Note Coinbase alone in the past 12 months did 5,000 criminal requests....

Can't but help 2023 is gonna be a blitz


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They are not a SCAM but the opposite. This is a typical IDIOT who try to spread false lies about a honest bank!
They are not a SCAM but the opposite. This is a typical IDIOT who try to spread false lies about a honest bank!
Hey friend watch your words i guess you are from the same scam bank that is why you are talking like this. Its not $24 its the matter of $24000 so it better to first investigate the matter rather taking the side of the the scammers.

My friend from India please tell us what activity you were partaking into get your account closed ns2.
Buddy this bank has got only email support they dont have any phone line to reach out i have sent hundereds of emails to them but they dont even bother to reply now.

He posted on Trustpilot below.

Not buying what he says about closed for no reason ns2. He knows the reason.
My friend all i know about account closure is that they sent out any automated email was like we will no longer be able to provide you the services. That time they told i will be recieving a check for the remaining amount on my aacount but all i got was a check for $60 and the remaining $24000 was missing.
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