Important! OCT is not a platform for darks activity as such scam reports are not allowed to be posted here!

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  1. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    Hello Guys,

    As OCT shall not in any way be considered by anyone to be a platform that offers the profession of any "DARK" activity either documents nor companies nor financial services, then we will not allow any SCAM reports to be posted here in case you get scammed!

    Many will ask why not!
    It is very easy, we don't offer any marketing platform here, if you buy something from a user that has a signature with whatever he/she offer, then it is 100% your risk, this is not a transaction that is offered by OCT! If the people you buy from don't deliver what you have bought or there are any troubles you will need to sort this out OUTSIDE of OffshoreCorpTalk, we don't want to be considered a platform for such business activity!

    You can still let a moderator or Admin know about what happen and if we find sufficient evidence that a scam has going on here, we will BAN the user offered the service.

    We hope it is clear, be careful out there and only do business if you are sure you can trust people, otherwise, you will have to live with your lost and get over it, we can't help you!

    Please still report any problems to a MOD or ADMIN should something happen.
  2. helmax

    helmax Building Trust Entrepreneur

    but if sellers pay to you have ads on signature
    of course oct forum is responsible

    if not create dedicated area for feedback
  3. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    Sorry, but we will not accept it. People don't pay for a signature but for Mentor Group access. The fact that they can setup a signature if they are MG member makes not us liable nor responsible for anything sold.

    We have discussed this internally and this is how it will be.

    Again, please make sure that all of you do proper research before you buy something from anyone here.
  4. PPP4D

    PPP4D New Member

    That's fair enough. But if a user continues to be active after using the forum as a platform without any recourse it would appear that it is condoned.
  5. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    That's how it is now!
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