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  1. colotx

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    How can I get a wire transfer from my friend and persons around with these services? can PayPal pay to such an account you know?
  2. cutmetwo

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    OP how did you get it done. Have you tried with LeuPay, Advance Cash, Xapo or Worldcore?
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    They all only allow from Companies not personal accounts :(
  4. CoinMaster

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    What SMS verification firm have you been using, please share angeĀ¤%&
  5. CoinMaster

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    It seems obvious that regular banking will slowly die as an option for small companies!
  6. Internationaloff

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    I quote. BitPay is a very good processor with low rates.
  7. maxmoney

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    But bitpay is doing heavy KYC check.. they are using a German company for Video verification of your documents fin4774"
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    Can we pay with Bitcoin for offshore company?
  9. lostman

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    I have blockchain.info account not complicated. Easy to send and receive bitcoins!
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  10. khan

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    Yeah man, that's the most simple way to send and receive bitcoins. Pretty good service and reliable!
  11. khan

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    I had no problems with offshorecorpgroup.com they just got me a Belize corp with bank account paid with bitcoins!
  12. outerspace

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    Thanks everyone for all the ideas in this and several other threads regarding Bitcoin.

    I've a plan to set up a Seychelles company and if not needed, without a bank account, just to avoid all the hassle and why not save some money too.

    The Seychelles company will only sale digital goods with BTC and only BTC (or other crypto). I want to invoice most of that money as euros to my existing local company as my local company offers production services to the Seychelles company. Payment should be a SEPA transfer to IBAN bank account, as my local company doesn't want to handle BTC or other crypto.

    Can anyone recommend Leupay or similar services to the Seychelles company for paying the BTC as Eur? What kind of KYCs do these services have for a business account and what would be the issues if I just have an Seychelles company without a bank account or telephone number? Could this raise AML flags and how should I be prepared?

    What are the benefits of having a nominee shareholder or director in this scenario? My main reason to not use the local company directly is that I want to keep these businesses separate and be able to easily sell the new part if there comes a good opportunity. Additionally it helps a lot that the Seychelles company can sell it's goods without VAT and accounting.
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    Welcome aboard :)

    So just to get it clear. You don't need a bank account for this company as you mentioned initially?
  14. outerspace

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    That's what I'm pondering. If that company had a bank account, the only money in would be from BTC exchanges and the only money out would be to my local company's service fees. The settlements don't have to happen any more often than once a month or a quarter. If the company could use its BTC to pay the SEPA bill without much hassle, I don't see a need for a bank account.
  15. auric

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    No actually you can do that with Advance Cash!
  16. outerspace

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    SEPA -> AdvCash works. No the other way. May or may not work with some 3rd party provider and if happens to work, there will be more fees.

    I know some services that do BTC->SEPA, but I've no idea how their corporate KYC works and that's one thing I'd like to hear about if anyone has experience, specially when the company is offshore. Cashila for example needs a bank account verification in the terms of KYC.
  17. auric

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    Have you tried LeuPay or WorldCore both don't need a bank account to verify the account!? I don't know about Cashila will have to check what service that is.
  18. auric

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    I don't get it what you want actually, I checked Cashila, they require you to make a small payment from your personal account to verify that it is you. So it is possible to transfer the money from the wallet to your bank account! So far so good, but if you don't have a bank account for your company do you need this at all?

    Alternative is Xapo that like AdvanceCash, WorldCore etc. also offer a debit card where you can withdraw your Bitcoins directly in the ATM's.
  19. outerspace

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    WorldCore was new to me, thanks for the tip. Will check that out. I haven't used Leupay, but it looks promising. I would like to hear if anyone knows about their or WorldCore's business account KYC procedures.

    With bank account verification the issues is this:
    Local bank or tax office gets interested about who is paying these bills. They see a service provider as the payer and ask who is the identified customer and get my name. I wouldn't want to disturb anyone.

    I know many of the BTC prepaid card providers, but what I'm looking for is a way that an offshore company can pay SEPA bills with having only BTC.
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  20. auric

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    There need to be some sort of exchange to be able to do that. If you want to keep the ball low you will want to upgrade to Mentor Group to check out what other options there are.

    I just spoke with Admin, and unfortunately some stupid fuck has reported the forum to Google so they penalized it in the hope to stop the insane traffic coming here without luck :D Anyway it makes it impossible in the future to share the best methods public!