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Discussion in 'Offshore Business Discussion' started by pinacol, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. pinacol

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    I asked Admin to help me with a new company in Cyprus. It seems it's a good idea when I need to get payment processing for credit cards and PayPal.

    Looking around at forums I was wondering if some know if there are problems to get bitcoin payments for IM business? what processor of bitcoins is good and accept Cyprus company with bank account in Cyprus?
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  2. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    I only know BitPay that is reliable and has a good reputation so far!
  3. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    As long as you only accept BitCoins for your business you won't get any troubles with the bank nor any other payment processor. If you do business that will require a financial license it's different of course!
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  4. moneynetwork

    moneynetwork Corporate Services Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    OP you tried to get an account for your business? It should indeed not be a problem!
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  5. DeMajor

    DeMajor Offshore Agent Business Angel

    Cyprus & BitPay works fine!! after reading this bitcoinpay.com any reviews please I tried them, they opened and approved the account instantly but I don't trust my money to them yet.
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  6. redeye

    redeye Corporate Services Mentor Group Sponsor

    I would say that beside BitPay.com that don't want to deal with offshore companies then most other bitcoin payment processors will be able to accept your offshore company and bank account setup.
  7. ImKing

    ImKing Corporate Services Business Angel

    BitPay and their support sucks crock balls! You need to find a better service. They don't accept Belize or Seychelles Companies.
    This is a better service Just signed up for bitstamp.net do you know them? they work with Belize corps and other offshore corps.
  8. adoffshore

    adoffshore Offshore Agent Entrepreneur

    Good luck with them. Please be awesome and post here once you have a fully approved account with them, so I will follow your foot steps ;)
  9. khan

    khan Corporate Services Business Angel

    Bitcoins are sadly still complicated to use. If you have lots of time to figure it all out with the different services you need to get bitcoins exchanged to real money and opposite then it's okay. I don't have the time to waste on this. My offshore company holds an account after all real bank account and a few other money services accounts.
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  10. bonox

    bonox Corporate Services Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    To accept bitcoins anonymous you want to look into Bitcoin Block Explorer - Blockchain instant account activation, very secure and no requirements to verify the account with any documents 100% anonymous payment processing!
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  11. bonox

    bonox Corporate Services Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    I know a few offshore company registration services that accept bitcoins it's easy and fast to pay that way.
  12. suzy

    suzy Corporate Services Mentor Group Sponsor Entrepreneur Business Angel

    I like the idea to avoid to get a bank account for our offshore company. using the documents from @auric and stay total anonymous. My setup looks today briefly like the following.

    SMS provider for verification of different wallets
    VPS to connect to everything I create
    Protonmail for e-mail communication in the hope the Tax auth. have no access to it :D
    Setup offshore company various places like Seychelles, Belize, Andorra, Mauritius with documents from auric
    Stealth PayPal account
    Stealth bitcoin wallet
    Stealth banking, cryptocurrency, skrill, wire transfer account with avcash

    All in all total Internet Privacy for my business if someone try to fuck with me I couldn't care less :D
  13. challenge

    challenge New Member

    @suzy that's a nice setup. I think I'll avoid a bank account too for a new business, at least until it will grow enough to really need one.
    I really think that's the way to go for some people.
    Will report/ask more questions when I'll need it.
    Thank you for explaining it all!

    PS: can you get SWIFT/IBAN payments from clients via advcash?
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  14. challenge

    challenge New Member

    Sorry it doesn't let me edit the message...

    @suzy I meant: how can you accept wire transfers from customers (B2B) with the solution you listed?

    I know a trusted middleman that does this and would send me the amount in btc, but it will cost me 5% of each transaction and the workflow is not automated.

    - Is there a better/easier/cheaper way to accept wire transfers without a bank account?
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  15. pesto

    pesto Offshore Agent Business Angel

    I can do transfer to my account by Wire Transfer if I have a verified account with advcash it seems, I don't know if it is possible to make corporate transfers and transfers from bank accounts not in my advcash account name...! Will have to wait for their support to answer.

    btw. I opened a thread about advcash here Someone knows advcash.com any reviews please?
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  16. suzy

    suzy Corporate Services Mentor Group Sponsor Entrepreneur Business Angel

    @challenge I don't know if it is possible to get SWIFT / IBAN transfers from clients using advcash but hopefully I soon will know. That's also not that important to me actually! However I do hope they don't have the same limitation as @pesto says Neteller has! :(
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  17. hungryit

    hungryit Member Entrepreneur

    I opened quick account for bitcoins with blockchain.info will also look at the many other providers in the bitcoins forums.
  18. I'mRobot

    I'mRobot Offshore Agent Entrepreneur

    Do you think that can work and what alternative will you be using?
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  19. hungryit

    hungryit Member Entrepreneur

    How is it going with this testing, can you avoid a bank account?
  20. cosmo

    cosmo Offshore Agent Business Angel

    It seems to be possible to avoid the bank account, it is just a matter of what service you are using to receive payments by Wire transfer!

    But well yeah, input from @suzy is much appreciated.