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Anyone familiar with any funding options for an overseas low capital venture? My credit took a hit with the pandemic and went from very good to poor in a span of months, I haven't had any luck with traditional lending options even with a great business plan. The project would be small scale initially and would only require 35k in startup costs with a full return on investment within 90 days. Anyone out there who could give me some pointers I would definitely appreciate it.


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I've tried the crowdfunding thing I somewhat had success on Kickstarter but I wasn't able to retain the funds that had been raised due to not meeting my funding goal. I've tried a few others and I think had my business been tech related and not setting up shop in southeast Asia it would've garnered more interest. Right now I'm looking for advice on cross border financing.


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For 35K it's going to be hard, crazy as it sounds unless you have some form of collateral.


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I dreamed about using the house as collateral and then I thought about my wife divorcing me. Maybe I'll write to Jeff Bezos since I've invested so much into Amazon, surely he could spare me 35k.
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