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Breaking News! OffshoreCorpTalk: 15 Years of Pioneering Asset Diversification and Tax Optimization

Breaking News!


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Dec 29, 2008
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2024 is an amazing year so far. It’s a year of change, with more and more people understanding the necessity of asset diversification and tax optimization.

But on the same note, it's also a year with more potential counterattacks from governments trying to implement all kinds of measures to control everything.

For the OffshoreCorpTalk community, 2024 is more than that. It’s also the year that marks 15 years of existence. And on this occasion, please allow us to introduce you to some of our landmarks and how we’ve managed to get there.

It all started with an idea.....
Back in 2009, the OffshoreCorpTalk community was only a small forum gathering a few people with similar ideas. The concept followed company formation considerations only.

We shared ideas about the best countries to start a business in and why. We talked about the tax systems in different countries, as well as their stability. Back in the day, we had no lawyers, experts, or accountants hanging around the forum, so we had to figure it all out by ourselves.

It was nothing but company formation. And as funny as it may seem today, it looked super simple from behind a screen. Deep down inside us, we had no idea what we truly wanted. But pretty much everything we did was related to the idea of optimizing tax and spreading money around.

There were a bunch of us, so the moment a new user signed up, we were all thrilled.

We had no detailed guides back then, but just ideas that we shared. And with time, more and more people turned up and registered, becoming a small community of just a few dozen people, not more. But to us, it was massive.

Identifying with John Locke’s principles
As the OffshoreCorpTalk forum gained over 100 users, we realized we’re not the only ones looking for a solution. We weren’t the only ones looking for freedom, be it financial or social.

And at one point, as reading a book explaining English philosophy from the Age of Enlightenment, one of our administrations realized that we’re not as innovative as we believed. This concept wasn’t new at all. It was more obvious today, in the capitalist era, but it wasn’t new.

John Locke (1632-1704) once said that every man has property in his own person. And that’s when it hit him. We’re rich ourselves and if we allow governments to take our lives over, we’re no longer here.

Social media shares everything we say, think, and do. Search engines cover our searches and make recommendations based on what they spy on. You can't even hold money in a bank account without paying maintenance fees.

These principles are strongly against what we believe in. They’re against what John Locke once believed in and that’s when we decided to adopt this philosophy to build a solid community on.

It was something the whole group agreed on once we were introduced to it.

The first guides
Our first guides were released as we had already gained hundreds of new users. Back in the day, it was a bit of a headache because many of us had a full knowledge package, but none of us had hands-on experience on offshore company formation, relocation, taxes, and assets.

With more people joining our squad and introducing themselves in forums, we realized we drew the attention of lawyers, providers, company representatives, attorneys, accountants, you name it.

This meant we had inside support, as well as more detailed solutions from people who knew what they were talking about.

The moment we had our first guide written by our admins featuring info from a tax accountant and a lawyer was decisive. That’s when we knew the OffshoreCorpTalk forum was no longer just a forum. It was a community.

A community bringing people together, sharing information, and working together to help the world.

Our first guides covered company formation ideas, tax optimization solutions, setups to reduce tax or diversify assets, all kinds of jurisdictions, you name it.

The actual growth
Our community exploded with more and more guides and discussions. Our forum had hundreds of threads and thousands of users by 2016. We realized it was no longer a small forum, so we took it through a massive upgrade.

The growth overwhelmed us.
While initially upset about it, we can still remember the first time we found our guides copied on other sites, word by word. But we knew we were the original, and while copycats bothered us, we knew we were going in the right direction.

Then, we've seen some referencing on other sites, not to mention quite a few other portals that tried to grow following the same ideas. We started a trend, and we were leading it.

No matter what people searched for in terms of offshore optimization, setups, ideas or jurisdictions, the OffshoreCorpTalk forum was the first result for all search engines, with more and more references from reputable websites as well.

Further innovation
We knew we hit the jackpot. We’ve shared the OffshoreCorpTalk forum into more categories, some of them free, others available with a subscription, only because they include guides and data that just can’t be made public.

Our Mentor Group Gold section, for example, includes providers, contacts, specific guides, and the opportunity to use services advertised there.

Our guides became much more specific with so many professionals and service providers around us. We’ve started gaining sponsorships from companies, but we’ve also introduced video guides and even interviews with some of the companies providing their services on the forum.

Our OffshoreCorpTalk forum is no longer a forum, but a freemium platform that dominates the industry. And while it took us nearly a decade to make it big, this is only the beginning.

OffshoreCorpTalk in 2024
Celebrating 15 years, we invite everyone to take part. We don't need anything from you, but just to see your success. If you make it, we make it. We know we've contributed to it, and that's what makes us happy.

We count nearly 25,000 members. We have over 280,000 posts. We’re a giant. And while this means we have a strong word in the offshore industry, it also means we’re being targeted by more and more institutions that just aren’t happy with our reviews or disclosures.

We won’t take about the light setbacks we’ve experienced over these 15 years because it’s just not worth it. We’ve managed to overcome every obstacle and when we say “we”, we mean you as well.

This isn't about a bunch of people who started the OffshoreCorpTalk forum but about thousands of people who worked together and contributed to make it big.
Yeah time is running fast... :)
Congrats to OffshoreCorpTalk on 15 years! thu&¤#

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The community that has been built is fantastic! More than 95% of the knowledge shared on OCT I didn't know prior to reading it, and that's on a daily basis. ;)
It has helped me navigate the "taxable events" without a care in the world. smi(&%

Congratulations to OCT :cool:
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Thank you for your support throughout all this time, without you we wouldn't have come this far.
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Thank you all - we work on making this community even bigger and stronger.

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