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Lets say I have a company (A) in EU who has received four loans each of 200k € from an overseas company B. Money was landed in company A two years ago and we have loan agreements where the loans must be "paid back" at latest 2030 but can be cleared before.

The company B runs by a friend of mine in another country (no connections anywhere can be found) whom owed me money before for various reasons. (I handed cash over to him long time ago as he was in big debt to mobsters and thereby saved him). So when this person now had funds in his company it was the only way for me to receive them back and at that time thought it's best the money are with me and not him rather than him losing them away or me never getting them back.

So we made a loan where company B transferred the amounts of 4x 200k € at an agreed rate of 200k € every 3 months. Last transfer was two years ago and audits/filings has been made since then twice. No questions asked anywhere.

Anyway, I now need to get these funds out of my EU company to my personal account and the same time clear out the debt we have in company A. What are the best ways to do so ?

I am thinking of following scenarios.
1) I transfer the money from my company A to my personal bank account and tell my accountant that the loan was transferred back to the Lender. Accountant will never crosscheck accounts numbers that are matching. Also do they even need to match?
The bank will not ask me why I am receiving 200k € from my own company. And if they do they can clearly see that transfer is made from my company account to my personal account as they are in the same bank.

2) I transfer the money to my personal bank account and tell my accountant that company B owes me money on a personal level (I can not provide any source of funds here on how I loaned the money in cash to him or though as it was over 10 years ago but we can write a paper and date this back). I am hereby on personal entity taking over the loans that company B made to company A and will send them to me to clear these out.

3) We write a paper that I on a personal level are taking over these loans. The accountant book me as the lender of these loans. We let one audit and filing pass. Next year I transfer the money out from the company to my personal account.

4) Your ideas?

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