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Payment Gateways (Woocommerce).


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Nov 14, 2020
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Established a new company division (AI services) that we use in our fund but open to the public / commerce / state use.

We currently support Web3 so have ETH payments as standard.

Wanting to accept fiat (option) but doubtful used, so can't be asked with going through all the processes of KYC onboarding happy for funds to be accepted and just sit in the account until its worth doing (if ever).

any recommended online compatible with woocommerce (front end payment will use that for fiat).
What is wrong with Stripe in this case?
Being involved in Web3 is offputting to Stripe.

Accepting dual payment types (ETH & Fiat).

Also Stripe is a US / Irish concern using US rails, company will be directing its concentration to emerging economies, and non-western use (commercial.. etc) etc