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Jul 2, 2024
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Hi everyone !

I am currently looking for a provider for my site, which specializes in electronic travel visa applications. Unfortunately, my previous attempts have resulted in refusals, as providers believe my company base in UK is too new and lacks a sufficient transaction history.

Please let me know if you have a solution for me.
I think getting a license as a travel agency can alleviate some of the pains.
However, the fees would be too steep, ranging from 10-15% of the total transaction amount.
A key difference here is whether the company submits visa applications on behalf of its customers or if the company just provides advisory services. Not all processors will bother with the distinction, though, but some might. The former usually requires — as @CyprusLawyer101 points out — some sort of license, approval, or registration from the country. The latter is just advisory and as long as you're not providing immigration law advice, it's probably unregulated.

But if this is just a shell company incorporated in UK without any substance there, the chances of success are going to be slim.
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