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Paypal Address Change & Reverification ?


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Jan 2, 2009
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The case is like this I validated my Paypal in my old address and then I got shifted and I am now in new address. So my question is if I change my address to new address will I have to verify my Paypal address again ?

Please Guide, as I don't have landline no currently and it takes so much time for the paypal code to reach my post.
Yes you will need to have your account verified again, pretty simple, send them an utility bill and ask for verification, you can upload everything through your control panel.
Every time you make changes on your PayPal information, you need to verify your account again. I used my card number to validate my identity. It's the easiest way especially if you forget your security questions and the answers you've keyed in.
I believe PayPal's reverification process is to protect you against fraud. It's a little hassle but if you think about it, if anyone else has hacked your account and is attempting to redirect funds to another account, they'll need to verify account settings and changes. That could be tough to run through.
You have to verify your account again. It's a pain that you have to do it everytime you move but it is necessary. It shouldn't be that hard they just want to make sure that it is you. I don't have a landline and my account got verified. I just sent them an ID card.
Its very simple. The last time I want to change my password due to some security reasons. The only thing they required from me was to verify my bank account by typing the last four digits of my bank account number.