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Sep 19, 2009
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Mainly I depend on paypal for all of my online jobs that I do.Sometimes I think,Paypal is my personal Bank.whenever money is needed one can withdraw it through Credit Card,Bank transfer or Paypal debit card.But I want to know how many days does paypal take to debit my requested amount to my Local Bank Account.
dilip1456 said:
Well for the first time it took me around five days to get the cash transferred to my bank account. But however when your account is linked to your bank account, it takes usually 3 days to transfer to your bank.
Your reply is brief but it is illustrative and informative too.Five days time is too long for any NEFT transfer.I think 3 days is quite justifiable period.But it is a mater of happiness that Paypal genuinely and honestly carries all transaction in a transparent manner.The service of paypal can be compared with the service of nationalized Banks.
Hey actually the first time processing takes time just because the bank account needs to be verified by sending a small amount as deposit to our account. Then when the account is confirmed of the details given, paypal sends the amount. After the first linking procedure, al other transactions need lesser days .. This is what i felt is how it works with them. Paypal is the best thats for sure.
I use Paypal regularly to withdraw my online earning to my bank account which usually takes 5-7 business day (mostly not more then 5 days) for my Bank of India account. If you have a U.S. bank account, NIFT transfer would be more faster . It basically depends on your bank policies about such transactions.

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