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Paypal has limited my account for ever, what can I do?


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Jan 5, 2009
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They just limited my account and they won't tell me why only that I have to provide a lot of crappy documents my passport and also this.

Also they say that my products don't comply with their policy.

That happend for a lot of people using PayPal, you should always check their TOSs and also make sure you are not selling any services which are against them.

Sad, alertpay isn't any alternative any longer, else you could have tried to open an account with them.

There is almost nothing to do if PayPal decided to limit your account, except to provide all the information they ask for.
There is no such thing as getting your account limited forever. All you have to do is provide the documentation they've asked for which shouldn't be a problem if you are running a legitimate business.
Hope busybee's idea works for you pluma. If that's all they are asking for, then send in the required documents and then hope Paypal releases your account. Did you have much money in the account before this happened?