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Paypal limitation is so annoying...


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Jan 6, 2009
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I got my paypal account limited because unclear reason, they just write about suspecting me doing suspicious thing when receive or sending payment. They give me this case code : PP-612-545-977 but when i try to find it at resolution center (seaching for case), it's not founded, there is no case with that code.

paypal require me to upload some document :

-photo ID --> my photo is included with my citizen card, so, i upload my citizen card

- cc statement --> my proof of address is also included here

- bank account proof --> i'm already upload it

- invoices --> what invoices? I even don't know which transaction cause this problem....And also, i do all is online, so i never receive any invoices as far as i use paypal

- supplier contact info --> what supplier???? i can't clearly understand

Maybe my account is limited because i do transaction with unverified member? Oh please, even i do it, it's normal trnsaction, i do transaction for buying e-book titled 2dollarsecretexposed....

I'm already send 2 email via contact form and i add word "[uRGENT'" in front my email title because i do business online, by this limitation, my business can't run well....But still, there is no response yet from paypal....It's already 6 days.....

Is there any paypal people here? Or somebody can help me?

I need my account normal immediately....

Thanks in advance
How come the case code was not founded in the resolution center?

It is quite strange...

May I know which country are you from?

What is the status of your uploaded documents?

Do they process your appeal request?

Kindly wait for another week for they to come and answer your claim

By the way..for the time being..maybe you can open another personal account with PayPal in order for you to continue with your business
How to contact paypal.

they have a contact us link on their page. but when i go there we can just ask questions to them

It is an auto responder with keywords.

I tried sending them two mails with different subject but got same reply.

Please tell me how to contact them with what we want to say.
there is already a reply from the paypal custoemr support, but still : tell me to upload invoices and supllier contact info

Hey, i do small online business, there is no transaction need to use invoices, and i don't know my supllier about (which supllier, etc....)...