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PayPal should issue Debit Cards to all Active members


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Sep 19, 2009
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I am a frequent user of Paypal and it's various services.There are lengthy procedures to follow to withdraw and deposit cash through Paypal.All persons are not eligible to get Credit Card in different parts of the world although they are capable enough to have one. So I think Paypal should issue Debit card to all members who are active user and not having a Credit Card.

As all of us know Paypal has no business tie up with Visa or Mastercards to transfer cash to prepaid branded Debit Cards issued by Banks and financial institutions.

Of course Paypal should be free to keep any yearly transaction limit if they want.The Account holder should be given option,whether they want it or not?

I think the account holders would not hesitate to pay justifiable charges and fees to Paypal to get a branded Debit Cards to all.

Presently they are issuing Debit Cards to members of few selected countries.