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Paypal vrs Alertpay ,which online payment processor do you like


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Oct 14, 2009
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Hello friends I am having three yrs experience in net browsing and I am a member of various social networking site and I am having an account in Paypal. No doubts both the payments processor are good and trusted but in my opinion paypal is widely accepted all over the countries and it is most secured and trusted financial institution. It is having more than 140 million user and also it is a very popular payment method amongst number of online shoppers for online payment. The following features of paypal are really nice

(1) It offers different products to suit your business need

2) It also offer charge back protection

(3) It is very user friendly and instant payment processor

(4) One more extra benefit which paypal is rendering i.e. paypal express checkout.

Hey friends what is your opinion pl share

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